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Welding machines
Welding machines
Welding machines

Ingco ARC Welding Machines

Ingco MMA 130A Inverter Welding Machine - Ksh 9, 500/=
Ingco MMA 160A Inverter Welding Machine - Ksh 13, 000/=
Ingco MMA 200A Inverter Welding Machine - Ksh 16, 000/=

Spartan Welding Machines

Spartan ILD-250 250A Inverter Welding Machine - Ksh 17,500/=
Spartan ILD-315 315A Inverter Welding Machine - Ksh 34, 000/=
Spartan ILD-400 3 Phase Inverter Welding Machine - Ksh 52, 000/=
Spartan MIG-250 MIG Welding Machine - Ksh 89, 000/=

Royce 250A Inverter Welding Machine - Ksh 14,000/=
Royce 300A Inverter Welding Machine - Ksh 16,000/=
Royce 400A Inverter Welding Machine - Ksh 26,000/=
Royce 450A TIG Welding Machine - Ksh 35,000/=
Royce 600A TIG Welding Machine - Ksh 42,000/=

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The world of welding is just fascinating. It is the best and most permanent way to join two pieces of metal together. If you are new to welding and are looking to invest in your first welding machine, the options out there can be overwhelming. However, the major predicament you will have to get through is that one of the type of welding machine to get.

There are three main types of welding machines namely TIG, MIG and Arc welding machines. All of these machines help you achieve the final intended function but they operate in different ways. The choice of the machine also depends on the type of welding you are skilled in, the items you will be welding regularly and whether you are a professional or DIY welder.

Arc welding or also known as Stick welding happens when electricity is run through a stick electrode. Arc welding is difficult to do, but is also one of the best welding techniques because of the strong bonds that it creates. Arc welding machines are also very affordable.

TIG welding produces the strongest weld of all the welding techniques. Also, the welds from TIG welding machines are the neatest. This means that if you are professional that wants to attain the best welds you should consider investing in a TIG welding machine.

MIG welding is the easiest form of welding to learn and highly preferred by DIYers. MIG welding can be used on both thick and thin plates alike. It is very clean and easy to do. MIG welding machines can be used with ease even at home to carry out repair tasks.

When choosing a welding machine, the thickness of the materials you will be welding is pretty important. This is because thicker materials will require more power to weld. Consequently, you will also need to invest in a machine with high amperage settings.

If you are in the market for a welding machine, we can help you choose. We have different types, brands and with differing capabilities. Contact us now for more information.