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Welding Generators

Welding Generators
Welding Generators

Welding Generators

Maybach 7.5kva diesel welding generator - Ksh 130,000/=

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A welding generator is a special kind of machine that can operate both as a welding machine and as a generator for backup power supply. As such, welding generators have become an important equipment to have in many workshops, farms, construction sites and industries.

The main benefit of welding generators is that they are 2-1 machines and therefore save you a lot of money. You can use a welding generator as a standalone generator to provide power when you need it. Most of the quality welder generators available in the market are capable of operating 24/7. Such generators are designed with reliable heavy-duty parts therefore they are able to operate constantly without breaking down.

Welder generators are designed to operate industrial motors and tools. As such, their output is hard voltage that doesn't drop under the rated loads. Voltage drops can lead to overheating since the current increases. With welding generators therefore, you avoid overheating of your equipment and tools.

A welding generator is not something you buy often. It is something you want to buy once and get it right. After all, it is not a cheap piece of tool that you can discard tomorrow and get another one. As such, it is important to do some due diligence when choosing a welding generator.

The many choices available in the market can get overwhelming quickly. You might end up confused and with the wrong welding generator. Therefore, it is imperative that you rely on our experienced generator experts. We can help you choose the product that is just right for your needs and within your budget. Let us help you take the guesswork out of choosing this important machine for your business. We will also walk with you after purchase to ensure you are making the most from your investment.

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