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Water Pumps

Water Pumps
Water Pumps
Water Pumps

Water Pump Prices

Petrol Honda Water Pumps

Honda WL20XY 2 inch 5.5hp. Suction 7.5m, Head 32m. 670 litres/min - Ksh 44,000/=
Honda WL30XY 3 inch 5.5hp. Suction 7.5m, Head 23m. 1100 litres/min - Ksh 46,000/=
Honda WP20H 2'' 5.8hp. Suction 7.0m, Head 75m. 580 litres/min - Ksh 60,000/= {High Pressure}

AICO Petrol Water Pumps

AICO 2'' 5.5hp Suction 7m, head 27m - Ksh 16,500/=
AICO 3'' 5.5hp Suction 7m, head 27m - Ksh 17,500/=


Pacwell LT30HD 3'' 10hp. Suction 7m, Head 70m. 40,000 litres/hr - Ksh 82,000/=
AICO ADP90ZDHP 3'' 16hp Suction 7m, Head 100m. 42,000 litres/hr - Ksh 85,000/=

Pedrollo Electric Booster Pumps

Pedrollo PKm60 0.5hp. Price Ksh 10,500
Pedrollo PKm65 0.75hp. Price Ksh 21,000
Pedrollo CPm158 1hp. Price Ksh 27,000

AICO Electric Booster Pumps

AICO Akp60 0.5hp. Price - Ksh 5,000/=
AICO Akp70 0.75hp. Price - Ksh 7,000/=
AICO Akp80 1hp. Price - Ksh 9,500/=

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If you need to draw water from a source to a place of use or storage, then you need a water pump. Water pumps make it easier and convenient for you to transport water from one position to the other. For instance, you can pump water from the river to irrigate a nearby piece of land.

There are different water pumps available in the market designed for different pumping purposes. There are those pumps that go into the water (submersible water pumps) and those that do not. The submersible pumps have a motor that is completely sealed so that there is no damage when they are submerged.

The other very common type of water pumps is the self-prime regenerative water pumps. These pumps are suitable for handling clear, cold fresh water like in the domestic supply, lawn sprinklers and gardens. They are not great at handling water that might have abrasive compounds and compounds that can be abrasive since they have to self – prime.

Two of the most common brands of water pumps that you will find in the market today are Honda and Pacwell diesel water pumps. These brands are known for their reliability and durability. Honda water pumps are highly efficient and come with industry leading engines. On many agricultural projects in the country you will not fail to find a Pacwell water pump. These pumps are very durable and offer good performances.

Choosing the right water pump for your needs should not be overwhelming. We are here to ensure that it is very easy for you. We have a team of experts who can help you decide the best water pump for your needs and within your budget. We also stock delivery and suction pipes so you get everything you need in one place even for more convenience.