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T-Shirt Printing Machine Price in Kenya

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T shirt printing machine price in Kenya

Freesub Heat Press Machine 8 in 1 - Ksh 48,000/=
Freesub Heat Press Machine 10 in 1 - Ksh 58,000/=

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In the dynamic world of personalized merchandise and creative expressions, the 8-in-1 Digital Heat Press Machine stands out as a versatile powerhouse for enthusiasts and professionals alike. This all-in-one solution takes your crafting capabilities to new heights, offering a seamless combination of precision, efficiency, and creative freedom. Investing in an 8-in-1 heat press machine not only opens doors to creative personalization but also to viable small business ventures.

In this guide we will explore everything you need to consider when choosing a t-shirt printing machine, going beyond just the t-shirt printing machine price in Kenya. Although, the price will cross your mind every now and then, getting a high quality machine best suited for your needs is what ensures value for your money.


The 8-in-1 Digital heat press machine is a cutting-edge device designed for those who seek to elevate their craft in various domains, from T-shirt printing to ceramic decoration. This multifunctional marvel is crafted to accommodate a spectrum of materials, allowing you to imprint your designs on garments, mugs, hats, and more with unmatched precision.

Compact yet robust, this machine seamlessly integrates into any workspace. Its sleek design conceals a robust interior, providing stability and durability that ensures longevity in the face of intensive usage. The digital control panel is user-friendly, granting even beginners the ability to navigate effortlessly through the machine's capabilities.

Versatility: The "8-in-1" refers to the interchangeable attachments that allow you to personalize a wide range of items:

T-shirts & Apparel: The core function, ideal for creating custom printed shirts, tank tops, bags, tote bags, and more.

Hats & Caps: Curve and flat platens cater to a variety of hat styles, enabling logo or photo transfers.

Mugs & Cups: Cylindrical attachments hug the contours of mugs for seamless designs and photographs.

Plates & Tiles: Flat platens handle ceramic plates, tiles, and coasters for decorative customization.

Additional Options: Some models include attachments for phone cases, mousepads, and even shoes, expanding your creative canvas.

As the leading suppliers of these versatile machines in Kenya, we guarantee you the best machines without breaking the bank. Come experience unbelievable t-shirt printing machine prices in Kenya with us today. Plus, our machines come with class leading warranties giving you confidence because your investment is protected for long.


Temperature Range: Equipped with a broad temperature range, typically spanning from 32°F to 430°F (0°C to 221°C), our 8-in-1 heat press machine accommodates various materials, ensuring optimal results for different projects.

Time Control: The precision of your creations is in your hands with customizable time controls ranging from 0 to 999 seconds. This feature empowers you to achieve the perfect balance between heat and duration, guaranteeing impeccable prints every time.

Pressure Adjustment: Tailor the machine's pressure to suit the requirements of your chosen material. Whether working on delicate fabrics or robust surfaces, the adjustable pressure feature ensures consistent, high-quality results.

8 Interchangeable Attachments: This machine is a true multitasker, offering a diverse range of attachments for different applications. From flat surfaces like T-shirts and puzzles to curved items such as caps and mugs, the 8-in-1 heat press machine adapts effortlessly to your artistic visions.

Digital LCD Display: The intuitive digital LCD display simplifies the setup process, providing real-time information on temperature and time. Monitoring your project has never been easier, ensuring a stress- free and efficient workflow.

Heating element: Our machine comes with a Teflon-coated platen for even heat distribution and easy cleaning. Ceramic coatings offer scratch resistance, ensuring your designs come out perfectly.


Swing-Away Design: The swing-away design of the heat press machine enhances safety and convenience. By allowing the heating element to swing away from the base, you have easy access to your work area, reducing the risk of accidental burns.

Even Heat Distribution: Achieve consistent, professional-grade results with the machine's even heat distribution technology. This feature ensures that every inch of your project receives the same level of heat, eliminating hotspots and guaranteeing uniform prints.

Safety First: Our 8-in-1 heat press machine prioritizes safety with an automatic shutoff feature. This function not only conserves energy but also provides peace of mind, especially during extended use.

Sturdy Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, our machine boasts a sturdy construction that withstands the rigors of frequent use. Its durability makes it a reliable companion for your creative endeavors, ensuring longevity and consistent performance. You can invest in this machine without worries about the heat press machine price in Kenya since this will last you a long time.

Benefits of Owning an 8-in-1 Heat Press:

Create unique gifts, merchandise, or simply express yourself on everyday items available to you.

Small business potential: Start a side hustle selling custom-designed apparel, mugs, and other personalized goods. This is a big potential to this in Kenya as more people move away from expensive brands to their own customized brands.

Cost-effective customization: Avoid expensive professional services and personalize items yourself at the comfort of your home.

Durability: Heat-pressed designs are long-lasting and resist washing and fading.

Creative outlet: Unleash your creativity and experiment with different designs and techniques.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 complete machine with platen press
  • 4 mug presses
  • 2 plate presses
  • 1 hat press
  • Operating manual

In conclusion, the 8-in-1 Digital Heat Press Machine is more than just a tool; it's a gateway to limitless creativity. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur looking to start your own custom merchandise business or a hobbyist seeking to bring your designs to life, this machine offers the perfect blend of versatility, precision, and ease of use.

Investing in the 8-in-1 heat press machine is not just a purchase; it's an investment in your artistic journey. Elevate your creations, explore new possibilities, and turn your visions into tangible masterpieces with this exceptional heat press machine. Unleash your creativity and embark on a journey of boundless customization with the 8-in-1 Digital Heat Press Machine – the ultimate companion for passionate creators.