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Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heaters
Solar Water Heaters
Solar Water Heaters

Non Pressurized

150L --> Ksh 69,000/=
200L --> Ksh 85,000/=
300L --> Ksh 110,000/=
360L --> Ksh 130,000/=

Pressurized - Galvanized

200L --> Ksh 125,000/=
300L --> Ksh 170,000/=

Pressurized - Stainless

200L --> Ksh 130,000/=
300L --> Ksh 175,000/=

Installation Cost - Ksh 8,000

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When choosing solar water heaters, the two main types you will encounter are pressurized and non-pressurized solar water heaters. These two systems differ in the way they operate to heat water and deliver it for use in the house. As such, it is crucial to pay attention to which one of these two solar water heater systems is suitable for your needs.

Pressurized solar water heaters

A pressurized solar water heater relies on pressure to circulate the water in the house. The water shut-off is therefore pressurized which can reduce its life. This kind of system provides hot water more continuously than the non-pressurized solar water heater. Further, the tank can be installed anywhere in the house not necessarily high up the roof because the system does not depend on gravity to move the water.

These systems are usually more expensive to install and require regular maintenance from solar water heater professionals. As such, the running costs are a bit higher.

Non-pressurized solar water heaters

Non pressurizes solar water heaters are the most common you will see. This is because they are very easy to install and do not require a lot of maintenance. Actually with most non pressurized solar water heaters, you will not need to have it checked regularly. You can also even check the system yourself if you understand it well. This lowers the operational costs of the system.

The non-pressurized solar water heaters are cost effective and cheaper than the pressurized counterparts. If you are on a budget or you want to install a system that will pay for itself quickly, then you might want to consider the non-pressurized system.

The non-pressurized solar water heater is also highly efficient in terms of energy. It uses a non-pressure water shutdown which gives it a longer life than the pressurized system which has many things that could fail.