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Plate compactor
Plate compactor
Plate compactor

Plate compactor

Hisaki T120 120kgs 5.5hp (with Honda GX160) - Ksh 115, 000/=
Hisaki T80 80kgs 5.5hp (with Honda GX160) - Ksh 90,000/=
Spartan SPC-90F 92kgs 5.5hp (with Spartan G200F) - Ksh 88,000/=

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A plate compactor can be used for many construction tasks including compacting sub soil and sub base, compaction of asphalt on driveways and small roads, and so much more. It is used in both construction of roads, driveways, walkways and parking lots as well as during repair of the same. A plate compactor is extremely essential in all paving jobs.

Plate compactors are advantageous because they are easily get to the hard to reach places where big rollers cannot get to. Since they are small and handy, they are also more affordable and suitable for repair jobs that do not require use of big machinery that can be expensive to hire. Also, small paving jobs for parking lots, driveways and walkways really benefit from having a plate compactor.

There are several factors that need to be considered when choosing a plate compactor. For instance, you need to consider the compaction power. This determines the type of surfaces that the compactor can work on and how deep it can compact.

You also need to have into consideration both the engine power and engine capacity. Both of these go hand in hand. Usually, engines with higher capacities also have higher power although not always. The engine power is given in HP rating. The higher the rating the more power the engine can give. The capacity is given in CC with higher capacities usually indicating much better performance albeit higher consumption.

Do not get lost in the sea of features, models and sizes of plate compactors available out there when choosing one. We are experts in plate compactor supply with decades of experience. As such, we know what works and what doesn't and we can help you choose. We stock a variety of high quality products with different capabilities and at different price points to meet your needs. Contact us now to learn more.