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Motorized Knapsack Sprayer

Motorized Knapsack Sprayer
Motorized Knapsack Sprayer
Motorized Knapsack Sprayer

Motorised Knapsack Sprayer Prices

AICO Motorized Knapsack Sprayer 4 Stroke (25 litres) - Ksh 25,000/=
Pacwell Motorized Knapsack Sprayer 4 stroke (25 Litres) - Ksh 30,000/=
Pacwell Motorized Knapsack Sprayer 2 stroke (20 Litres) - Ksh 18,000/=

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Well, before you get any decent harvest from your garden or farm, then you need to control pests, diseases, harmful insects, and weeds. This sometimes calls for use of chemicals which is where a motorized knapsack sprayer comes in handy.

With a motorized knapsack sprayer, applying herbicides and insecticides on your crops becomes a walk in the park. This is not like the manual knapsack sprayer that can take a toll on your back, shoulders and elbows. The motorized knapsack sprayer is pretty easy to use and most of all fun because it is motorized.

Controlling pests and diseases in confined places or in places where you need to take extra caution is pretty easy with a motorized knapsack sprayer. Having it on your back makes it easy to maneuver to the required place while the controllable tips make It easy to get the chemicals right where you need them.

A motorized knapsack sprayer makes it easy for you to work on a large piece of land without getting fatigued as compared to a manual sprayer. This is because a motorized knapsack sprayer doesn't require you to pump it to maintain pressure that moves the liquid from the tank, upwards to where it is required.

The motorized knapsack sprayer also maintains consistent pressure. This is important because it ensures that the liquid is sprayed out consistently on the plants since the pressure doesn't change much. Choosing a motorized knapsack sprayer is not all that direct because there are so many options to choose from.

You need to consider the capacity of the knapsack sprayer, ergonomic design, weight, and what nozzles you will get with the knapsack sprayer. If you would like to land the best knapsack sprayer for your needs, then you are at the right place. We have in stock some of the best motorized knapsack sprayers for you to choose from. Place your order today.