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Milking Machines

Milking Machines
Milking Machines
Milking Machines

Milking Machines Prices

Single cow milking machine (one bucket) - Ksh 58,000/=
Double cow milking machine (two buckets) - Ksh 78,000/=

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Milking machines are essential if you want to run a successful dairy farm. Whether you are rearing cows or milk goats, investing in milking machines will go a long way to enhance efficiency. They make work easier, save time, and also increase your yields.

However, finding the right milking machine for your needs might not be all that easy for you. But, not to worry because we are here to simplify your shopping and decision making process when it comes to choosing milking machines. We are suppliers of some of the best brands of milking machines available in the market.

We also have a variety of different options when it comes to the features and the performance of the milking machine. Our products feature quality and durable materials that stand the brute use the machine will be put through in the farm. Also, our milking machines are pretty easy to use, clean and maintain. Cleanliness is key for your milking machine.

A good feature to consider when choosing a milking machine is portability. We have milking machines that are designed for mobility for the small scale dairy farmers that do not need the large milking systems for their cows. We also have machines that are battery powered so you can milk your cows just anywhere you like.

Milking machines should be designed with the safety of the cow in mind. We are experts in milking machines and therefore we only stock products that have the right pulsating cycle ensuring your cows or goats are safe. The design also is in a way that the teats of the cows are protected and safe when they are being milked.

Want to put make milking easy, safe and hygienic for you and your animals? Invest in one of our high-quality milking machines and see your yields increase significantly. Contact us to learn more.