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Generator Prices in Kenya

Hisaki 2500en 2.8kva - Ksh 38,000/=
Hisaki 3600EN 3.5kva - Ksh 42,000/=
Hisaki 3800EN 4.5kva - Ksh 45,000/=
Hisaki 6500EN 6.5kva - Ksh 78,000/=
Hisaki 8000EN 8.0kva - Ksh 82,000/=
Hisaki 9000EN 9.0kva - Ksh 90,000/=
Hisaki 9000EN 9.0kva 3 phase - Ksh 95,000/=

American Standard Super Silent Diesel Generators (With ATS)
9 kva - Ksh 170,000

Rhino Silent Diesel Generators (With ATS)
7.5kva - Ksh 148,000
9 kva - Ksh 158,000
13.5 kva - Ksh 365,000

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Generators are quite beneficial both for commercial and residential use. With portable generators, you can take emergency power with you wherever you go or enjoy power at a remote site not connected to the grid. Whether you want to go camping or have power when it goes off in your neighborhood, a generator is quite handy in all these situations.

Before, generators used to only be considered for occasional outages. However, as the technology improves and generators get better, people now rely more and more on generators. Generators can either be permanently fixed (standby) or portable.

The portable generators can be used to power parts of the home during power outages, to power tools and during camping. The standby generators are bigger and are used to power the entire home including the most power consuming equipment. Standby generators go on automatically in the case of a power outage which makes them really convenient for commercial use.

Selecting the right generator for the job

The first and most important thing you will have to determine is the power you need from your generator. Make a list of all the items you will need to power with the generator and calculate the total power each item draws when going on to get a clear picture of the amount of power you need.

Also, think about whether you need the generator to be portable or not. There are other features that will make a difference and can help you choose between two brands or models. Check for features such as the size of fuel tanks, protected outlets, muffler, alternator, engine efficiency and noise levels among others.

Need to buy a generator? If yes, then you need a reliable and knowledgeable supplier to guide you through and get you the right generator for your needs. That is where we come in. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help you make the right investment.