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Floor Scrubbing

Floor Scrubbing Machine
Floor Scrubbing Machine
Floor Scrubbing Machine

Floor Scrubbing Machine Prices

Metro SC-005 Multifunctional Floor Scrubbing machine : Price Ksh 80,000/=

AICO SC-005 Multifunctional Floor Scrubbing machine : Price Ksh 90,000/=

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Is it time to drop the mop and clean way faster? Then you should consider investing in floor scrubbers. Floor scrubbers provide the quickest way of scrubbing and cleaning the floors of just about any type of facility. They are indispensable when it comes to commercial cleaning especially in industrial settings, schools, gyms, manufacturing plants, malls and warehouses. In such facilities, floor scrubbers are real time savers.

One pass over the floor with a scrubber and your floor is clean and ready to be walked on. How easier could things get? When using a mob, you have to wash first moving the mob rigorously to remove dirt, then you have to dry the floor. This means that you have to limit traffic using the facility which sometimes is not possible.

Floor scrubbers are the secret when it comes to maintaining a shiny and clean floor all the time. Floor scrubbers are able to effectively get rid of the grime and sticky stains that cannot be removed with a mob and bucket. What's more they do it at a fraction of the time.

The initial investment when buying a floor scrubber is higher, but the return on investment is totally worth it. The gains you will get in efficiency and cleanliness of your facility are a noticeable and good for your business.

There are a ton of floor scrubbers available in the market so some due diligence is required when choosing one. Some of the factors to have in mind include; the size of the machine, the size of the tank, what type of debris you will be cleaning, power source, noise levels and how easy the machine is to use.

If you are in the market for floor scrubbers, then you are in luck because we have the best brands in stock. Browse our wide range of product and place your order today.