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Electric Motors

Electric Motors

Electric Motors

An electric motor is an electromagnetic device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Electric motors make it possible to perform different types of movement fast, precise and continuously. They can be used both in applications with gear shifting and without.

There are three different types of electric motors to choose from. These are, AC asynchronous, synchronous and stepper motors. The AC asynchronous motors are used with alternating current of either single or three phase while synchronous motors are used with direct current. Stepper motors are used in applications where high precision is required.

The type of application basically determines the type of motor you will go for. However, you should also consider the size of the motor, the power, torque and speed of the motor. The size is determined by the physical space you have to install the motor. The power, torque and speed depends on the output you desire.

Another important decision you will have to make when choosing between electric motors is whether to get a brushless or brushed motor. Brushed motors are best for basic industrial equipment since they are inexpensive, easy to control, and they have very good torque at low revs.

Brushless motors are more modern and make up for some of the weak points of the brushed motors. They are more efficient and reliable than brushed motors. They can operate at very high speeds even up to 100,000 rpms as opposed to only 20,000 rpms for brushed motors. Since they do not have brushes, they do not wear out which reduces the need for maintenance and costs associated with maintenance.

Well, electric motors are complicated items to buy. Whether you are buying a motor for the first time or not, it is best to have a reliable and credible supplier that you can trust. We are stockiest of the high quality brushed and brushless motors from the best manufacturers worldwide. Contact us so we can help you choose the right one for your needs.