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Earth Auger Machine

Earth Auger Machine
Earth Auger Machine

Earth Auger Machine

Hawking Earth Auger 2 stroke {Comes with 3 drill bits: 150mm, 200mm, 250mm} - Ksh 32,000/=

Hawking Earth Auger 4 stroke {Comes with 3 drill bits: 150mm, 200mm, 250mm} - Ksh 35,000/=
Honda Earth Auger Machine GX35 1.5hp (Comes with 1 bit 200mm) - Ksh 56,000/=
Honda Earth Auger Machine GX350 2hp(Comes with 1 bit 200mm) - Ksh 65,000/=

Surtec P35 4 Stroke Earth auger 1.5hp (Comes with 100mm, 200mm, 300mm bit) - Ksh Ksh 50,000
Surtec P50 4 Stroke Earth auger 2hp (Comes with 100mm, 200mm, 300mm bit) - Ksh Ksh 56,000

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An earth auger machine is a machine used to make holes in the soil. It works more like a drill bit does. The helical blades on the earth auger get into and remove the soil as the bit turns upwards. It is a very simple concept that has stood the test of time. The earth auger is used when making holes for fencing and also in agriculture for purposes such as planting bananas and trees. Really, for any project where you need to make holes in the ground then you need an earth auger machine.

There are three types of earth auger machines you will find in the market. The first one is the hand held earth auger. This is the simplest of them all and is used in nurseries, gardens and greenhouses for making small planting holes. The hand earth auger machine is lightweight, portable and easy to use. It is also the most affordable of the three types of earth augers.

The second type of earth auger machine is the one-man auger. As the name suggests this auger requires just one person to operate. The one man drills are either fuel or battery powered. They are bigger than the hand augers and suited for bigger projects.

Finally, the last type is the two-man auger and the biggest of the group. The two-man auger requires two people to operate. Usually, these earth auger machines are operated by a 2-cycle or 4-cycle engine. They are more heavy duty and suited for work in even the most difficult conditions like rocky places.

Choosing an Earth Auger Machine for your needs

An earth auger machine will save you lots of time and energy when making holes but you have to choose the right one for the job. We have a wide variety of earth auger machines for you to choose from. Talk to an expert today to help you choose what is right for you. Give us a call.