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Digital weighing scale price in Kenya

Digital weighing scale
Digital weighing scale
Digital weighing scale

***Digital Weighing Scale Prices***

30kg Digital Platform - Ksh 4500
100kg Digital Platform - Ksh 8,000
150kg Digital Platform - Ksh 9,000
300kg Digital Platform - Ksh 11,000
300kg Digital Platform {with grills} - Ksh 12,000
600 kg Digital Platform - Ksh 16,000

300 kg Hanging weighing sale - Ksh 8,000
500 kg Hanging weighing sale - Ksh 12,000

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Digital weighing scale price in Kenya 

Weighing scales have developed over the years from weighing beams to analog scales and finally to digital scales. Digital scales are more preferred because they are small, can weigh more and are very accurate. The digital weighing scale price in Kenya depends majorly on the size of the scale.

A digital scale that can measure tonnes will definitely cost more than one that is limited to only a few kilograms. Digital weighing scales are available in different designs, and depending on what they are made to measure, they give different metrics.

Further, the technologies available in the digital weighing scales are different. There are those that have Bluetooth integration and can send the metrics to a connected device. Features also vary from one brand to another. The choice basically rests on your needs.

Another important consideration when choosing a digital weighing scale is the screen and the placement. For a business you build trust with your customers if they can easily and clearly see the measurements of the products you have sold them. It is therefore imperative that the scale have a good screen that is easy to read. It also helps if the screen is lighted so that it can be seen well at night.

If you are in the market for a digital weighing scale in Kenya, we can help you. Whether you want one for checking the body mass, for a butchery or a small one to measure jewelry we have what you need. All our weighing scales have been certified and passed for use in the country. As such, you can use them in your business without any worries.

Come to us today and enjoy the best digital weighing scale price in Kenya. We have the right products for you at the best prices.