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Concrete Mixer

Concrete Mixer
Concrete Mixer
Concrete Mixer

Concrete Mixer Prices

Menegotti Brazil 400L Concrete Mixer [Diesel]- Ksh 235,000/=

AICO 400L Concrete Mixer [Diesel]- Ksh 205,000/=

Titan Indian 500L Concrete Mixer [Diesel]- Ksh 345,000/=

Poker Vibrator Prices (With 45mm shaft)

Honda Poker vibrator (With 45mm ENAR Spanish shaft)- Ksh 65,000/=

AICO Poker vibrator (With 45mm shaft)- Ksh 30,000/=

Spartan Poker vibrator (With 45mm shaft)- Ksh 42,000/=

Sensi Poker vibrator (With 45mm shaft)- Ksh 45,000/=

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A concrete mixer is a really essential pieces of equipment for a building contractor. It might also be great for you if you have a building project ongoing and you want the best results. A concrete mixer is used to homogenously mix cement, sand, gravel and water to form concrete.

There are many benefits of using a concrete mixer instead of doing it by hand. The first and most obvious one is that you save a lot of time and energy when using a concrete mixer. This in turn makes your projects move on swiftly. Another benefit is that you also save on labor costs and you enjoy a lot of reliability with a concrete mixer.

When creating concrete, it is essential to ensure that all the aggregates are properly mixed together. Mixing by hand is not the best way to go because you cannot be sure that you are getting the most homogenous mixture. However, with a concrete mixer you can rest assured that you will get a homogenous mixture which ensures consistency in your work.

The size of the concrete mixer is one of the most important factors you will have to consider when choosing. For professionals that handle large projects regularly, then investing in a concrete mixer with a capacity of 250 liters will be great for them. However, if you are a repair handyman handling small projects infrequently, then a 100L concrete mixer will suffice. For occasional use you can go with a small 50 or 60L concrete mixer.

You also have a choice between an electric or fuel powered concrete mixer. In many instances you might be working at remote sites or away from electricity connections which makes the diesel powered concrete mixers more attractive.

When it comes to concrete mixers we can meet your needs, whatever they might be. Browse our range of products and place your order today.