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Chaff Cutters

Chaff Cutters
Chaff Cutters
Chaff Cutters
Chaff Cutters

Chaff Cutters

3 Blade Chaff Cutter (with 7.5 hp petrol engine) - Ksh 48,000/=

3 Blade Chaff Cutter (with 2 hp motor) - Ksh 50,000/=

3 Blade Chaff Cutter (with 3 hp motor) - Ksh 54,000/=

Petrol Feed Chopper (with 7.5 hp petrol engine) - Ksh 38,000/=

Electric Feed Chopper (with 3 hp motor) - Ksh 40,000/=

Electric Feed Chopper (with 5 hp motor) - Ksh 45,000/=

Feed Chopper (with 7.5 hp Diesel engine) - Ksh 65,000/=

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Fiber is an essential diet for all animals that are ruminants. If you cattle, goats, sheep, horses, donkeys and other such animals on your farm, then feeding them enough fiber is important. Chaff cutters are designed for chopping chaff into small pieces to aid chewing and digestion.

The other very important benefit of investing in chaff cutters is that there is reduction of waste. This is because the animals are able to easily access the feed and do not have to trod over what they cannot feed on like it happens when they are grazing. When you reduce wastage, more cows feed on less which leads to significant returns on your investment.

Chaff cutters are available in either manual or powered. The most logical chaff cutter if you have several cows is a motorized one. It could operate either using electricity or could be diesel powered. The size depends on your needs. For two or three animals, a mini chaff cutter may suffice. However, if you have large herds or you store silage then you need a bigger and more capable chaff cutter.

Most mini chaff cutters are more portable allowing you to cut the chaff from anywhere and easily pack or carry it to the animals. Since they also have smaller engines they do not use a lot of fuel or blow your electricity bills. The bigger chaff cutters are capable of doing much more and cutting through all types of vegetation. They also have a larger output per hour than the mini ones.

If you have a big farm with many animals, then an automatic chaff cutter might be the one for you. These chaff cutters are more superior and offer advanced settings and larger outputs of between 3 and 10 tons per hour.

Which is the best solution for you? Not to worry because we can help you choose. Contact us today and let our experts help you get the right chaff cutter for your needs.