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Carpet cleaning machines

Carpet Cleaning Machine
Carpet Cleaning Machine
Carpet Cleaning Machine

Vacuum Cleaner & Carpet Cleaning Machine Prices

AICO 20L Vacuum Cleaner machine : Ksh 13,500
AICO 20L Vacuum cleaner machine : Price Ksh 27,000/=
AICO 20L Carpet cleaning machine : Price Ksh 47,000/=
AICO 40L Carpet cleaning machine : Price Ksh 52,000/=
AICO 60L Carpet cleaning machine : Price Ksh 72,000/=

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Carpet cleaning machines

Maintaining a clean carpet goes beyond just vacuuming. It requires to be given a deep clean every now and then to remove the ground in dirt that cannot be removed using a vacuum cleaner. Therefore, carpet cleaning machines are a great addition for any home or a carpet cleaning business.

Carpet cleaning machines come in a wide range of designs, sizes and with different power options. A business can choose the powerful carpet cleaning machines capable of cleaning embedded dirt all day long with easy. As a business you will get some carpets that are extremely dirty therefore it is only logical to err on the higher side when it comes to power. For home cleaning, you can get choose the carpet cleaning machine based on how you treat your carpets. Do you vacuum them? Do you have pets?

Choosing the right carpet cleaner for your needs goes beyond whether you need one for commercial or personal use. There are still some more factors you need to have in mind to ensure you choose the right carpet cleaning machine.

Factors like the accessories, length of the hose, settings, weight and others play a major role when choosing between carpet cleaning machines. When the tank is empty the machine is light but adding the cleaning solutions to the tanks adds more weight. Consider if the person using the machine will be able to move it around sometimes even up the stairs when it is that heavy.

The cord length determines how far away from the connection you go. This is important especially when you do not have many mains connections in your house or wherever you will be cleaning. Some carpet cleaning machines come with different accessories that can be attached to hose to clean different objects like sofas and car interiors.

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