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Brush Cutter

Brush Cutter
Brush Cutter
Brush Cutter

Brush Cutter Prices

Surtec (2 in 1) 2 stroke - Ksh 24,000/=
Rhino (8 in 1) 4 stroke - Ksh 25,000/=
Hawking (8 in 1) 4 stroke - Ksh 30,000/=
Hawking (4 in 1) 4 stroke - Ksh 36,000/=
Surtec GX35 (2 in 1) 4 stroke - Ksh 28,000/=
Honda GX35 (2 in 1) 4 stroke - Ksh 50,000/=
Honda GX50 (2 in 1) 4 stroke - Ksh 56,000/=
Honda GX35 (5 in 1) 4 stroke - Ksh 58,000/=

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Brush cutters

Brush cutters come in really handy when you are clearing small bushes and grass that might be overgrown or growing on a region where a lawnmower cannot reach. Brush cutters are robust machines and are available in a range of engines. As such, it is important to know your needs before choosing the product that is best for you.

If you will be working with dense vegetation, shrubs and small trees, then you need a brush cutter with a powerful engine. Further you can enhance the versatility of your product with the right accessories. The more you can accessorize the better it will be for you. Also, there are brush cutters that allow you to attach a longer shaft to increase the working range.

If you are in the market for a brush cutter and looking for both quality and great performance, then you should consider Honda and Surtec brands. These brands have some of the top ranking brush cutters you can buy.

Honda brush cutters

Whether you are a professional landscaper or you need a brush cutter for use at home, Honda has the right one for you. Their brush cutters are particularly known for having the highly reliable and powerful engines made by Honda. It is no wonder therefore that Honda brush cutters are among the most preferred in the market.

Surtec brush cutters

Surtec is the other brand you should have in mind if you want a brush cutter that will surpass your expectations. This brand has taken the market by storm especially with their 4-stroke brush cutters that are a favorite with professionals. However, their 2-stroke brush cutters are also very reliable and affordable.

So which brush cutter should you choose? Not to worry, our experts are on standby waiting to help you choose. You will enjoy our many years of expertise in the process and guidance from our friendly team of experts.