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Bone saw machines

Bone Saw Machines
Bone Saw Machines
Bone Saw Machines

Bone Saw Machines Prices

JG-210 Table Top Bone Saw Machine - Ksh 65,000/=

Milano Free Standing Bone Saw Machine - Ksh 70,000/=

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Bone saw machines are used for cutting frozen meat and bones to smaller sizes. They are available in different sizes and with different power capabilities. They can be used both for residential and commercial purposes although mostly they are bought for the latter.

While you will be considering technical aspects of the bone saw machine like power, speed, torque and the rest, you also need to put into consideration the safety features. Using a bone saw, just like with any other power tool poses a risk to the user. It can get dangerous even for those that are experienced with using the machine. Therefore, to make bone saw machines safe for use and to reduce risks of harm, manufacturers usually add many safety features.

Bone saw machines are not only functional, they are also designed to look good. Most modern designs have clean and professional looking finishes. Most of the parts of the bone saw machine are covered in stainless material and clean lines define their bodies. This is important because besides keeping your butchery looking professional, it also makes the bone cutter very easy to clean.

The best construction for bone cutting machines should be steel and aluminum. These materials are sturdy and can withstand brute use and rubbing against bones without getting scratched. The aluminum finishes are also food grade and therefore the meat is safe when being processes on the bone saw machine.

Further, you also need to consider adjustability of the bone saw machine. Bone saw machines for commercial use offer adjustable cutting thicknesses allowing you to work on different sizes of bones with ease.

We can help you to choose the best bone saw machine for your needs. Our products are of high quality, durable, and with your safety in mind. Contact us today to learn more.