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Aluminium Ladders

Aluminium Ladders
Aluminium Ladders
Aluminium Ladders
Aluminium Ladders

Aluminium Ladders Prices

Step Ladders

3 step (1.09 metres) - Ksh 5,600
4 step (1.28 metres) - Ksh 6,800
5 step (1.50 metres) - Ksh 8,800
6 step (1.76 metres) - Ksh 10,000
7 step (1.97 metres) - Ksh 12,000
8 step (2.23 metres) - Ksh 14,500
9 step (2.5 metres) - Ksh 15,500

Foldable Ladders

4x3 (3.46 metres) - Ksh 18,500 {Most Popular}
4x4 (4.56 metres) - Ksh 22,000
4x5 (5.64 metres) - Ksh 25,000
4x6 (6.72 metres) - Ksh 28,500

2X14 Two section Extension Ladder

6.78 metres - Ksh 28,000

3X12 Three section Extension Ladder

8.0 metres - Ksh 37,000

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Have you ever struggled with a heavy timber ladder? Then you know how hard it can be to use a ladder that this heavy especially when yu several sections to reach. A heavy ladder can make your projects extremely difficult sometimes requiring you to get help from another person. An aluminum ladder is different because it is extremely light and easy to use.

The other benefits of investing in an aluminum ladder are that it doesn't corrode, it can be stored outdoors, and it is extremely durable and sturdy. If you limited space for storage and want something that you can leave outside without any damages, then an aluminum ladder is the one for you.

Aluminum ladders are available in different types including; telescopic ladders, step ladders, extension ladders and multipurpose ladders also. The choice of the ladder depends majorly on what you will be using it for. Step ladders are best for situations where you do not need to reach so high up. Extension ladders or sectional ladders are best for reaching high heights and telescopic ladders are great if storage space is an issue for you.

Multipurpose ladders are best for professionals because of their versatility. These ladders can be used both as a ladder and as a scaffold. Multipurpose ladders can also be used on stairs and uneven grounds allowing you to work from just about anywhere.

While you have already decided you want an aluminum ladder because of the many benefits, there are two other factors you should have in mind. First is the size of the ladder. The ladder should be enough for the job you need it for. Also, you should consider the weight rating of the ladder. Ladders have a recommended maximum weight they are designed to carry. Exceeding that weight can cause damage and jeopardize your safety.

We are aluminum ladder masters with a wide collection of the different types of ladders you need. Place your order for now.