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Air Compressors

Air Compressors
Air Compressors
Air Compressors

Air Compressors (Electric)

25L - Ksh 19,000 (2hp-Direct)
50L - Ksh 26,000 (2hp-Direct)
100L - Ksh 46,000 (3hp-Belt Driven)
150L - Ksh 62,000 (3hp-Belt Driven)
200L - Ksh 65,000 (4hp-Belt Driven)
300L - Ksh 115,000 (5hp-Belt driven)

300L - Ksh 150,000 (3 phase, 5hp-Belt driven)

500L - Ksh 175,000 (3 Phase, 10hp-Belt driven)

Air Compressors (Petrol Engine)

35L - (5.5hp) Ksh 42,000
50L - (5.5hp) Ksh 45,000
100L - (6.5hp) Ksh 52,000

150L - (6.5hp) Ksh 62,000

200L - (6.5hp) Ksh 65,000

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Air Compressors

One key decision when selecting an air compressor is deciding whether you want an electric or petrol powered air compressor. That is of course after putting all the other considerations in mind. So which one should you choose? Electric or petrol?

The choice here depends on the specifics of your applications. It is important to note that both these air compressors will do their job just fine. There are no major differences in their performances. The differences, however, are in several aspects of how they operate and each comes with its pros and cons.

Electric Air Compressors

The air compressors are pretty common because of how easy to use and efficient they are. They come with either induction or universal motors. Electric air compressors are quieter during operation than their petrol powered counterparts. They also do not emit any gasses during operation or require a lot of maintenance down the road.

An electric Air compressor needs to be connected to the mains to operate. As such, they are not suitable for use at remote sites without any power connectivity. Usually, electric air compressors have a start/stop switch that shuts down the motors when the pressure inside the tank reaches its upper limit. This is such an important feature to have.

Petrol air Compressors

In comparison to electric air compressors, petrol powered ones are noisier during operation. Well, this is because they have to burn fuel. Fuel powered air compressors are not limited when it comes to power. If you want an air compressor for power intensive work, then you should consider using a petrol air compressor. Electric ones are limited due to their reliance on electricity supply.

For instance, a 110V supply might limit you to a 10 or 15 amp motor. With fuel you can go as high as you wish. Fuel powered air suppliers need to regular maintenance to ensure they are running at optimal conditions.